Crop mood - WYSIWYG Edition (650D / 700D / EOS M / 100D)

Started by theBilalFakhouri, April 01, 2023, 06:37:50 PM

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Quote from: bobolee on May 06, 2023, 12:23:26 PM
This demo video is misleading like a lot other videos about ML.

I don't think it's misleading, it's showing an EOS M user experience with crop mood build (some info could be incorrect).
What are you expecting? Feel free to make a guide and share it. Make sure it's not going to be *misleading *.

Quote from: bobolee on May 06, 2023, 12:23:26 PM
They do not know the "global draw" "magic zoom""histogram" etc cause too much CPU usage,too much heat will cause disasters.

I use these while recording on 700D, didn't have problems. It was stable during my shooting.

Quote from: bobolee on May 06, 2023, 12:23:26 PM
Auto focus?That is another wrong way to go.Bad auto focus on video mode is in the DNA of these old cameras.

What's new here?
Autofocus is preference choice, feel free to not use it. Good news, CAF doesn't work with crop mood presets, you can only trigger it with half-shutter.

Quote from: bobolee on May 06, 2023, 12:23:26 PM
Only 1080P 3x3 mode will get a wide enough field of view on the Canon ef-m lenses.

1x3 can offer no crop at wide aspect ratio or a little crop in other aspect ratios.

Quote from: bobolee on May 06, 2023, 12:23:26 PM
"crop modes" is not usable in a limited shooting sapce .Hope more effort will be made to enhance the modes with a small crop factor.

It's usable depending on the mode and the lens you are using and what's are shooting. You should always make your plans before actual shooting.
Nah, it can't be *enhanced*, we already reached sensor limits with crop mood build.


Quote from: theBilalFakhouri on April 29, 2023, 10:24:58 PM
"Customize buttons" in crop mood build only works when "crop mood" is enabled in video mode, also only in x5 mode. It shoudn't work in photo mode (should I make it work there too?).
However, there is already a feature in ML core in "Prefs" tab --> LiveView zoom tweaks --> Zoom on HalfShutter. This will make HalfShutter zoom to x10 from x1 preview in video and photo modes.

In Danne's build, the 10x zoom half shutter mode works by default in photo mode without enabling it in Liveview zoom tweaks. It doesn't matter if I turn on "Zoom on HalfShutter" in your build, the x1 preview to half shutter x10 zoom won't work.

When using a manual lens, there is no option to turn off autofocus. Now that you mention it, I think it would be nice to also have x5 zoom mode disabled in photo mode, but working in video mode.


May I ask a simple question to the forum. The Model "EOS m" comprises several model like M200, M50, M100,... Does the software developed by Bilal accounts to all models or is it just valid for the model "EOS M"? Thanks in advance!

Walter Schulz

All builds are designed to run on a single camera type and specified firmware version only.
So: EOS M, the first one.

BTW: EOS M3, M5, M6, M10, M100 run with PowerShot software and are therefore part of CHDK project.


Quote from: bobolee on May 06, 2023, 12:23:26 PM
Only 1080P 3x3 mode will get a wide enough field of view on the Canon ef-m lenses. In door shooting is a big part of practical shooting,due to the big crop factor,most of the "crop modes" is not usable in a limited shooting sapce.

This is why, especially if you already have a gimbal and focus pull system attached, cheap-o C mount lenses are the way to go.  8mm f1.6 and 16mm f1.4 sold by various vendors, such as Arducam, allow for the following equivalent fields of view:
~35mm ff equiv for the 8mm shot at 1920x1080 (its 2/3" imaging circle can't support the higher resolutions)
~55mm ff equiv for the 16mm shot at 2520x1080 (it has a wider imaging circle, so it can be used at higher res)

I haven't done so, but you can get old 16mm cine lenses, new machine vision lenses, etc. in C mount and pay hundreds of dollars for crazy specs just like with normal camera lenses.  Even the performance of the cheapos is pretty solid as long as you don't get a bad copy.  They're $50 and $70 for the 8mm and 16mm respectively...


New Crop mood builds are out:

3K 3072x1308 got semi full real-time preview :)


Added 30 FPS to 1280p 1:1 preset


  • Added 30 FPS for 1280p 1:1 preset.
  • Now autofocus in normal preview at lower bit-depths like 10-bit is as accurate as in 14-bit (when using crop mood and lossless).
  • AF method will be switched to FlexiZone Multi automagically when using manual focus, preview works better with this in 3x3 presets.
  • Implemented semi full real-time preview for 3K 1:1 preset, only 2868 from the middle are being showing in preview from 3072 horizontal pixels.
  • Hidded 1080p 3x3 preset from crop mood for 650D / 700D / 100D (you can use 1080p mode from Canon, crop mood isn't needed in this case).
  • Implemented a simple workaround for ISOless errors for 650D / 700D (works on 700D, 650D needs testing).
  • Fixed horizontal blurry line artifact which appears in some 1x3 presets which affect RAW data.

Crop mood builds - Downloads


For the isoless fix, it looks like you're still relying on heap addresses, which can change each boot, or depending on dial settings, etc.

I have a clean fix for 650d isoless, here:

I've only tested in Qemu, if you can confirm it works for you on a real cam I'll merge it to dev.

There's a 550d isoless fix that I did earlier, already merged:


Hi, can anyone with a 100D using crop mood comment his experience recording on the 1x3 5.2K mode, 2.35:1 at 23.976fps, resulting in 1736x2214 size?
I get constant crashes on this mode, no matter the bit rate.

All other modes works very well, but I record everything at this aspect ratio and cannot use it on 1x3.

For now I'm using the 2.39:1 ratio, 1736x2178 pixels at 12bits add a replacement.  Not the same, but it very solid at least


hi bilal,
I just tested your latest crop mood build, all looks great!
unfortunately, I only can record highest resolution for couple seconds though. is it normal?
setting I use: all hack, sd 240Mhz others is default.(14-bit lossless, crop mode 1x1 or 1x3, etc.)
and got some issue when using 1x1 full res. in 10x mode.

EOS 700D

Walter Schulz

Benchmark ok?
Can you tell us average data rate for recording?


Quote from: Walter Schulz on May 11, 2023, 11:24:56 AM
Benchmark ok?
Can you tell us average data rate for recording?
unstable sometimes 10 seconds and less.
EOS 700D

Walter Schulz

That's very edgy IMO
I wouldn't expect 80 to be stable.


EOS 700D


Tested the May Build on the M, the 100D and the 700D it's working great. These builds are awesome! I would say they aren't nightly anymore. Is there any way we can help making the 100D focus pixel maps?
It seems there's an old bug (it's also on Danne's builds) that makes the camera bypass the manual audio level settings everytime the cameras are powered off therefore it's needed to enter the canon menus so the camera remembers the settings each time.

Could it be posible to add an option to change the prefix of the mlv filenames so each camera has distinctive file names? When using different cameras if they are set to the same date sometimes the file names are the same and opening them in MLVapp can cause a big mess.
Infinite gratitude to you Bilal!
PD: I kind of miss the CROP MOOD 3x3 1080 setting as it prevented me from tinkering with the RAW Video settings and affect the other modes.


The audio gain bug has been on this camera or any camera which doesnt let magic lantern control audio settings since the begining. I dont know if its possible to fix that (going to canon menu is the only hack to fix it).


Quote from: theBilalFakhouri on May 10, 2023, 12:29:20 AM
New Crop mood builds are out:

3K 3072x1308 got semi full real-time preview :)

Hell yes! This is awesome! Thank you Bilal  ;D


Tested the Autofocus on

-10bit is now almost on par with 14bit when autofocus while recording (Small Hacks must be off), quite nice!
It works within the limits of the camera (Some lenses work better than others depending on brightness, and it works with every mode where it is possible to record with small hacks off.)

But when you autofocus while recording, it goes into framing mode. This makes it hard to know when focus has been nailed.
I think it would be more useful if it went momentarily into zoom mode if feasible, so we would be able to see focus being nailed in realtime.
This is how it is working on Danne's build.
EDIT: Preview Toggle must be set to OFF. It defaults to Half-Shutter. When set to Off, there is no zoom, but the display remains in realtime preview if you focus while recording.
So, for Autofocus to be usable while recording, Small Hacks must be set to Off, and Preview Toggle (Located above Small Hacks) should also be set to OFF

-in 1x3 modes, it is possible to change the aspect ratio in the crop mood menu. I don't know if it is intended to be this way, as it is not possible to do so in 1:1 modes (Where you have to change it in the Raw Video Menu)

-When in 2.5k 1:1, the preview shows vertical lines on screen when using lower bitrates. The lines become more visible as you go down bitrates (No lines at 14bits--->Very visible lines at 10bits). Those lines are not recorded in the file.

Quote from: eardrumfilms on May 12, 2023, 09:41:40 AM

Could it be posible to add an option to change the prefix of the mlv filenames so each camera has distinctive file names? When using different cameras if they are set to the same date sometimes the file names are the same and opening them in MLVapp can cause a big mess.

This is a good suggestion. I often use 3 cams (So that I don't have to switch lenses) and also when using footage from last year, I need to use a batch-rename program to make it more manageable. There is a module to have custom image names, but no such luck for MLV files. Even just One character at the beginning of the filename would do.


While using even the latest build on my 650D I have experienced trouble getting the shutter angle and shutter speed to display properly in the UHD 1x3 crop. I have been using the 16:9 aspect ratio, but I don't think that is important. When I use the buttons to adjust the settings, they do change (image becomes darker/brighter), and the "TV" followed by a number also changes (e.g. TV 5.6). I think it normally gets locked up while displaying 1/29 and 299 degrees. wondering if this is unique to my camera or if it is a known issue.



Maybe you already discussed here, but i didnt find it.

Half Press x10 zoom WHILE recording dont work with Crop Mood, 700D, 2023May09. Ok, there is magic zoom 3:1 which is good and usable, but i loved x10 feature as a focus assist before crop mood.


I'm a little late to the party, but I admit to jumping out of my seat with excitement when I saw that this release had appeared. I know we MLers are big on image quality (and Crop Mood delivers on that front too), but usability makes an enormous difference to both efficiency and pleasure while filming. The experience of precisely framing and controlling a smooth pan with accurate feedback on my 100D is wonderful, to the extent that I know I'm going to suffer when I go back to my 5D3 for its low-light performance and dynamic range. Real-time uncropped preview seems like a very hard nut to crack on that one.

So congratulations and thanks Bilal for some impressive breakthroughs!

I'm getting continuous recording in the 2.8K mode with 12-bit lossless in challenging scenes and at 3K with 12-bit lossless or 2.8K with 14-bit lossless with less challenging exposure (Extreme Pro 170Mb/s card, 240 MHz overclocking and with the various hacks turned on and global draw off). I'm a crop mode guy, so I haven't done any testing with the anamorphic modes. Also, I haven't done extensive testing with Danne's build, so I can't make direct comparisons on that front, but I'm thrilled either way.
5D3 / 100D


People treated the camera as a toy or a experiment rather than a professionals movie camera,did a little bit random test then claim it stable.The stability test of a build should be brutal/professional, shoot it with sharp lense,deep depth of field,low iso,faster than 1/100+ shutter speed,bright light ,different complicated scenes,high temperature ,under sunlight for 30min,high humidity conditions,long takes,etc.Make it hard for the camera to handle.Let the professional video shooters use it,see what they say.Do a few real shooting projects,like wedding videos,can you trust the thing doing this ?

I'm still testing,12 bit 1080p still crashing in long takes! Summer is coming,it's getting hot and wet,will try the lowest bitdepth and a different card.
EOSM,ex pro 95MB/s,NP-F970 for power,feiyu scorp pro+manual focus kit


I've put in about 16 hours of filming in over the past few days (100D), and the build has indeed been fairly stable and bug free. My takes don't typically go beyond two minutes in length, for what it's worth.

I do have a couple of bugs to report:

- When initiating recording from the x10 mode, I get a raw detect error or "recording stopped automagically" and a 2kb file is produced. I often frame first and then set focus in the x10 mode and start recording from there.

Another few bugs appear occasionally, although I haven't been able to identify the specific conditions that reproduce the issues.

- I occasionally get staggered horizontal lines in the preview.

- Pressing the up and down arrows around the set button crash ML, requiring battery removal.

I'll post back if I get a better idea of the causes of the above.
5D3 / 100D


I tested HDR video today and it works surprisingly well!
@bilal, the way you made it alternate between both ISO's slowly is genius. It makes it possible to adjust the exposure taking both ISO's into account without having to fiddle with a toggle switch.
It is just superior to dual ISO, as there are no additional aliasing artifacts in overexposed areas, no flickering, and where there is a lot of motion, it just looks like a slow-shutter / slo-mo effect. Very pleasing to the eye.

Is there a way to see the "Merged" image in mlv app? It would be nice if it behaved like dual ISO does, with metadata and all.
To make sure I'd be able to fully recover highlights, I exported a PNG 16 sequence, but right out of the box, the blending is pretty good!