Blue Hour Sea - 5D Mark III (Full HD upscaled to UHD)

Started by Mattia, February 29, 2024, 06:27:27 PM

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Everything shot handheld in Full HD and later upscaled to UHD using Topaz

Ace Wright

Very nice.  I have a 5DMk2 - I am about to try some video RAW with ML - is there any advantages of ML or a mark 3 vs Mark2?  I would assume better resolution but anything else?


I don't know, I only own a 5d mark III. I can only tell you that the 5d3 has 5.5k and 5.7k anamorphic modes and 3.5k 1:1 mode with a quite fast (but low resolution) preview. It also has a very good Full HD image with a real time framed preview.