Author Topic: How to Remove ML 2.1.1 from CF Card if 5D Mark II has Firmware 2.1.2  (Read 2722 times)


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I recently prepared my 5D Mark II for magic lantern unified 2.3 install which required me to update the canon firmware to 2.1.2 on the camera first.  After successfully installing canon firmware 2.1.2 and ML 2.3 on a blank compact flash card, I realized that I have three compact flash cards in ML 2.1 (the version prior to 2.3 which does not run on canon firmware 2.1.2).   

When I try to start the camera with these compact flash cards containing the old version of ML it won't boot.  I believe this is due to the fact the old version of ML is not compatible with the new canon 2.1.2 firmware I installed for the ML 2.3 upgrade. 

Long story short, I am trying to figure out how to format the three compact flash cards with the old version of ML so that I may reinstall ML 2.3 on them.  However, everything I read states I need to do this in camera with a low level format to "remove magic lantern" and not by formatting the compact flash cards on the computer.  But the cards are not accessible by the camera anymore!

Is there a way to format these cards outside of the camera so that I may use them again?  I would hate to lose these cards due to not formatting and removing ML from them before I proceeded with the upgrade to ML 2.3 and canon 2.1.2 firmware. 

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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Re: How to Remove ML 2.1.1 from CF Card if 5D Mark II has Firmware 2.1.2
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Just copy new files on them.