Canon Eos 550d warning

Started by Dimitris, March 06, 2023, 03:06:10 PM

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Is this from ML or Canon?It appeared after ML installation and it pops out after 1,30 hour. How i turn it off?
Thank you

Walter Schulz

It is Canon trying to warn you about overheating. What does "ML thermometer" show as actual temperature?


I am only streaming not recording so its weird for temperature warning.
I am sorry i am new to this where can i find ML temperature?

Walter Schulz

"Only streaming" means you are not writing to card. There is still a lot of work for internal chips and cam will consume power and this will produce heat.
I suppose you are using a wall plug and dummy battery to overcome battery limits. There is a chance this may contribute to heat generation: Most dummies are powered with around 9 Volts (quite a bit higher than battery with up to 7.6 Volts). And those additional 1.4 Volts have to be "destroyed" somehow. Which will produce heating.
I prefer to use external batteries.

How to tell camera temperature:
You have to re-enable overlays and access ML liveview screen. It will look like this:

and appear in upper or lower bar. Here temperature sensor detected 30° Celsius.

Or take a pic and read pic's metadata (EXIF) section. Temperature information is stored there, too.

You may want to reduce cam temperature by adding a small and quiet fan to your setup. A faint breeze will help a bit.


In theory, 9v is converted to other voltages in camera by DC-DC converters, and usually voltage doesn't matter that much because when there is more voltage, you will just draw less current. So the power consumption (watts) is still the same, and heat should be about the same....
But in reality it can be totally different.

For example sometimes it is quite the opposite. Low voltage means more current draw, and power mosfets in dc-dc converters can even overheat because of the low voltage, in some systems.

So I believe there should be some optimal voltage with least amount of heat produced.

9v could be reduced to 8,2-8,4 by adding any silicon diode in series. Diode should be powerful enough to handle at least 2A or so (current camera consumes). Cheap 1A diodes in parallel could be used, like 4-6 of them. For example 1n4004 that can be found everywhere. And diode(s) will become hot so they should be located somewhere, not in the dummy battery.


Thank you for your responses.I can see now 30c and i am waiting to see if increases.I thought of a fan but i think its a wrong warning.
When it pops up i close the cam and it goes away immediately.It doesnt show up every time.
The dummy battery is 7.4v 2A.
I connected it with HDMI to Elgato camlink.Before i used usb and i didnt see that warning.


Maybe 7.4 is on the low side.. when batteries are fresh they are at about 8.4 volts actually. two cells of 4.2v when fully charged. Maybe 8.3 under load..

But this camera will probably show overheat sign after some time anyway, I did timelapses with it and after about two hours this sign usually appeared. I used internal battery and it was enough for ~2,5 hours at 1fps raw video. I also used power saving like turning off the display after 15 seconds or so.

It should be cooler with external adapter though..
And as I can guess, this overheat is mainly the sensor itself

Walter Schulz

Quote from: Skinny on March 07, 2023, 03:23:17 PM
Maybe 7.4 is on the low side..

I think OP refers to nominal voltage as labeled.


On Canon manual they said its not a problem and camera wont get damaged.I shut it off and immediately turn it on and the warning disappears so everything is fine for now.