Author Topic: Full resolution silent image in 5D2 or 6D with 360° shutter (@.5sec interval). I  (Read 642 times)


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Hi guys,
I'm asking myself if I can press the shutter in 360° (or very close) on a high-resolution, silent image at approximately .5 sec. to capture true continuous motion.
Is there a significant processing time (downtime) between shots or is it possible to achieve this? Because I can use the card fast enough. Wouldn't the data rate be a problem?
Roll shutter shouldn't be a problem with that shutter speed. Or am I misunderstanding?

I'd like to shoot full frame and set my eyes on a 5D2 (preferably) or 6D, but I'm open to other suggestions. At a similar price, if the camera is not suitable for this task
Why did you choose 6D over 5D2 and vice versa? I assume the 5D2 has faster write speeds with CF cards, although the 6D has a better sensor overall.

Walter Schulz

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You can't get true continuous with silent pics FRSP for sure. Processing is sequential. Doing MLV instead of DNG speeds up rate significantly but it is still sequential.

5D2 vs 6D: In regard of dynamic range the difference is nothing to write home about.,Canon%20EOS%206D

EDIT: If it comes to video you have to consider 5DII's lack of some features. One of them is lossless compression. In average you can get 50-60 percent reduction in data transfer rate. Another one: Overclocking. Because 6D supports efficient SDcard overclocking with compatible cards you can get higher resolutions with 6D combining both features.

5DII beats 6D when it comes to audio options. See


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Look at fast CF card prices before choosing the camera :D

You probably can do it with 5D2, but you will need some registers manipulations.
There is a build for true 5,6k resolution here on the first page:
Experimental build:5632x3124 @ 3.8fps

And it is 3,8 fps so you need to slow it down to 2 fps (.5s) and adjust shutter speed, should be possible. But I don't know how to do it, what registers to change.
I tried this build (with ~4k resolution because of the slow cf card) and it works, but you need a lot of card space for uncompressed RAW with this resolution.