Eos M standby power saving and motion detection

Started by andre85, July 13, 2022, 09:41:43 AM

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I have some trouble making a long session of "phototrap".
I use an external power source of course but when I set a motion detecion it stops after some minutes.
Power saving of my camera is off but power saving of my LCD is on and I think that magic lantern stops this feature when LCD goes off.
My problem is that I am not able to turn off the LCD power saving feauture.
Can you help me ?


Does the external power supply also switch off?
I don't remember having the problem with the 6D. Maybe it's different with the mirrorless. Isn't there an ML option to turn it off?

On my M3 with CHDK it runs as a script. The running script then prevents the monitor from being switched off.

Walter Schulz

I think it is about turning off LCD intentionally to reduce power consumption.