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Anamorphic 5D Mark III guitar build
« on: July 02, 2022, 01:40:00 PM »
My day job offers a 4 week sabbatical at the 7 year mark and you have to spend 40 hours of that in charity work or self improvement. I got a guitar build for charity approved and recorded most of the process with Magic Lantern. I posted a rough cut of the neck construction at

The goal is to add narration, titles, transitions, etc., but just wanted to see how well it translated to youtube first.

I use a derivative of Danne's builds, which is basically just a few added aspect ratio options because I like shooting 2:1.

Settings are basically

2:1 aspect (1536x2300)
Bit Depth off
SD Overclock 160MHz

In RAW Video
Data format 14-bit lossless
Cross rec preview auto mode
Card Spanning On
Kill global draw On
Use SRM memory On
Small hacks af off
More hacks lvface

Cards are a 256 GB Komputer Bay 1066x and a 256GB SanDisk Extreme Pro 170 MB/s

In general I took 100 shots with ~2TB of video with very little problems; no dropped or corrupt frames. I had one file where the .M00 file was missing when I went to process, but that may have just been me not copying it from the card. At some point ML lost its mind and when I hit record I was actually shooting plain old Canon video. I wasn't looking at the back of the camera so didn't notice things looked different until the 4th shot, so there's a little in there that's just HD. A reboot brought it back online. A few other shots were cut short by me not paying attention to the free space before I started the next step, but all of them were good up until the card filled.

I did consider setting up the framerate so that it was shot time-lapse straight in camera. It would have saved a lot of space, but glad I didn't so I could speed up and slow down as needed to show detail in post.

I used MLV App to extract DNGs, and that was a little twitchy. Multiselect looks like it's working to Export selected clips, but doesn't really and it seems to reprocess the file in some situations where I don't think it needs to (e.g. after export, looks like it's reloading the file like it does when you first import). Occasionally it would just die. I may dive back into that later and see if I can put together a PR to help what I found.

I used Resolve 17 to edit and have been using it to record the planned voice over. I worked in 4608x2300 timeline resolution and Rec.709 color space. It would be nice if it respected the anamorphic size, but applying a Input Sizing Preset was fine as a work around.

Other than that, I did seriously consider buying a Blackmagic 6k before this started. I'm glad I didn't. The output is fine. 1600 ISO looks clean in this video mode and the detail was fine for the subject.


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Re: Anamorphic 5D Mark III guitar build
« Reply #1 on: July 10, 2022, 01:05:14 PM »
Excellent work, good life record!