old RAW Video Format to MLV Question (RAW->MLV)

Started by swinxx, June 30, 2022, 04:46:25 PM

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I know that the format is OLD, but i really would need to convert some old RAW files to MLV fromat with my new apple M1 laptop (i dont have any other computer anymore...)
is it possible to convert those files to MLV.

Please help. i tried some tools.. without any luck so far.



I was looking for the same thing (RAW->MLV) just found out that "RAW2DNG" has a conversion function.


raw2dng.exe file.raw --mlv

Also, MLVApp has an option as well, under "File > Transcode and Import" using "RAW2MLV". It doesn't seem to work with my .RAW files, but will convert extracted CDNG files into a single MLV.