Author Topic: EOS M - Advanced Bracket + Interval for timelaps - some pics wrong exposure  (Read 872 times)


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Dear community!

I was using either intervalometer or advanced bracket without any problem. When I combined them (every 15 sec, 3 frames "0,-,+") it works fine at the beginning... but after some time it makes some wrong pictures, e.g. with the same exposure, and after this all the following pictures become too dark.

For experiment tried also with only 2 frames with "0,-". In this case it sometimes makes the same exposure for some pictures but at least after maybe 1-6 wrong pictures it starts again to make it correct untill it again makes some wrong (same exposere) pictures. So the pictures with the wrong exposure I need to delete and this are then missing in the timelaps what doesn't look good. Also the process of manually finding them and deleting is annoying...

Is there some known problem or some advice/description how to do HDR + intervalmeter?

Sorry, I am quite new to the topic, tried to search the forum but did not find this particular problem. If you have a link I am up to read! :)

I hope this forum is still active, even the camera is so old. Thank you very much everyone!



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Build in use?
Please share contents of  ML/Settings directory.