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Started by ibrahim, June 14, 2022, 01:54:11 PM

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Hi folks!
I have been away from color grading for some time now.  :D I need a bit of advice from you guys on what could be impoved in this screenshot taken from color graded footage on davinci resolve. I find for instance that the skin tone is a bit too orangy to start with.
The aim is to attain that teal-orange filmic look used in blockbuster movies for a action-drama short film I am working on.

arri film_1.5.1 by CineVisions, on Flickr
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Start from REC709 coverted image.
Select the skintones with color picker, narrow down the selection but give feathers.
Invert your mask, adjust your white balance in the primary tab to about -500 kelvin. profit.


The skin tones look really vibrant and punchy, but even so the images does certainly have that filmic look! Great job honestly.


The orange face is over the top. Whites of the eyes should not have that color cast.

Find a quality reference image with similar composition and compare them while making changes. Teal shadows will create the perception of orange in highlights. You don't have to push them. But regardless, skintones should be perceived as natural in the context of the grade. That's where this fails.

Think about the mood the image should evoke, and research techniques to achieve it. Neither the action, composition or grade tell me what this image is saying. It's as blank as his expression.

Steve Falcon