Dual ISO 100-800

Started by sibi-manjale, November 02, 2018, 09:46:53 PM

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Dual ISO try out. This is my first time using DUAL ISO.
I am happy with the dynamic range and the colors. I can push highlight and shadow slider to the the far side easily. But i am missing resolution and details. Images produce lot of noise. It is great for a closeup or a moving subject, but for wide shots with lots of details, i think HDR is better.


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What lens are you using?



The mlv App works good with Videos. In Lightroom exporting with magic lantern is more difficult. Does it have the same Sharpness?
The pictures look unique it is tempting 2  making pictures with Duel ISO
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@sibi-manjale Nice pictures ! Have you solved the issue with the noise ?

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