Auto Start/Stop recording on loud sound

Started by Killernoy, July 02, 2022, 04:41:30 PM

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I have a EOS M and a Tascam DR-70D Audio Recorder whitch has a slate function aka a loud beep to better sync audio in post.

My qustion now is could i use that loud sound in order to automaticly start and stop the recording?

Why do i want to do this?
I have multiple cameras that are circled around what i am filming and i would like to use wireless audio to start/stop the cameras simoultaniosly.


If you use Plural Eyes by red giant then you wouldn't have to worry about that. I would be concerned a little because the recording time on some Canon cameras can vary in when to start when record is triggered.
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I think i didnt Marke it clear enough.
I do know how to sync my camera and sound.
What i want is to Start multiple cameras with sound because i recorde a stage and want to have every angle covert from the Start of the performance which is why i cant walk around to start every camera.

Walter Schulz

Unfortunately there is no out-of-the-box solution to get there.

- ML has an "Audio Remote Shot" feature able to take a pic but it works in photo mode only.
- ML can assign record button to remote control units but is using "half-shutter" focus button.

You should be able to tweak the code and build an own version where Audio Remote Shot triggers record button/half-shutter instead. Requires a building environment + some diving lessons into ML code.

Caveat: Audio Remote Shot will react to any loud noise.
You may be better off to use some IR remote control device instead.


Quote from: Walter Schulz on July 03, 2022, 06:30:34 PM
You may be better off to use some IR remote control device instead.
I took your advice and build a Device to turn my slate signal into the needed IR Remote Signal.
I also made a Post about it in the Hardware and Accessories section