Author Topic: Corrupt files (Black screen + pink static lines) shooting with 5DMk2 - Help!  (Read 289 times)


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Shot a few 3-cam interviews with a 5DMk2 using ML. Majority of the footage looked great, but two really important clips in particular came out with a black BG with pink static lines. They were all shot with the same settings and firmware (2.1.2-ml-crop_rec-). The audio is fine and all the M00-M22 files are there, just fragmented visuals.


I'm fairly new to ML and not too familiar with the coding aspect. Would really be appreciated if anyone has a solution to fix these or able to help identify the problem in these files? Tried PhotoRec/Testdisk with no luck. I have the files both on the CF and copied to the Hard Drive.

Here's the link to the two corrupted MLV files:

Thank you so much. Let me know if there's any other information I can provide to help this.