EOS M 2.8k RAW Pinhole City Park Music Video

Started by th0ma5, October 21, 2021, 11:05:43 PM

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This is a short music video I shot at the local park with a pinhole body cap I got for $10 off of eBay in lieu of a lens. I have a sensor cleaning kit on the way now :) I had no idea the pinhole would accentuate the crud so much... 3200 ISO, 1/48 shutter speed 24fps. some dark frame subtraction as well but not sure how much it helped. Processed with MLV-App and then stitched together with FFmpeg. The pinhole gives a complete soft focus of everything. Thank you for watching. I can't stop watching it hahaha it is sort of like a dream and a better film than generally I should be capable of.