Croatia - Makarska - in 5.7K

Started by masc, August 29, 2021, 11:29:05 AM

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Danne's great 5D3 5.7K build runs so stable over here. So I decided to use it a first time for my holiday video. Oh yes... some diskspace was needed for it, and also "some" time to process it. But in the end it is worth every byte and minute - at least I think so. In the end I recorded ~350GB for the short video and processed all clips in MLVApp. For fighting against the ugly YT-compression, I decided to process in 5.7K and upscaled the final to 8K - but even then, YT killed so much detail (e.g. my generated grain is 100% filtered by YT).
5D3.113 | EOSM.202


Well done! Makes me try to do some bigger project with 5.7K though the post-processing time I would have to invest is freighting me (especially I would most likely end up in Resolve for even lightweight grading). How long did it take you to get from raw footage on a disk to final video?
Btw. I assume you used a gimbal or glidecam of some sort?



Thank you! Well... I had no rush with finishing this video. Proxy processing was running over night, so I could start cutting the next day. Cutting worked fine in real time with ProRes422 4K clips. Then I graded just the used clips, and processing to 5.7K ProRes4444 took again all the night. But all in all I worked about 4 weeks on this video - but not every day. For the processing time I must say, my iMac2011 is surely not the best machine. E.g. a MacBookAir M1 is 3x faster here, so processing 5.7K video would be no problem at all.
For this holiday I decided to go with the Weebill S gimbal.
5D3.113 | EOSM.202

andy kh

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Beautiful scenery, excellent image quality, superb gimbal work - well done, Masc.  Thanks for sharing.