Author Topic: 5D Mark III - August 2021 Status - Setup, Cards, etc.  (Read 2446 times)


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5D Mark III - August 2021 Status - Setup, Cards, etc.
« on: August 14, 2021, 04:55:43 AM »
Hi, everybody, I have experimented with Magic Lantern on my 5D Mark II and while it's nice, I haven't done much with it due to the aliasing and moire and having moved on to 4K+ video cameras. Over the past few weeks I looked back and saw all the progress on the 5D Mark III and thought it might be a nice addition to my current camera lineup with it's 3K+ RAW video options. However, looking at the site, info and links are ALL OVER THE PLACE!

Cutting to the chase, what is the current status of the 5D Mark III for stable RAW video recording?

Latest and best Magic Lantern version/custom installer?

If custom installer, are there any differences in install methods?

Best SD and CF cards? 1066x vs. newer 1667x?

3K or 5.7K for 23.98fps filmmaking use?

Most stable continuous 23.98 settings?

Recording times?

Can you select 16:9 instead of 2.40:1?

Video preview stability and, if cropped, how to focus and block actors for your shots?

Are 3K+ cropped to S35 or still full frame?

23.98 most stable overall?

I'm sure some of this info has been answered before on various threads and posts but I think concentrating it down to one update thread would be helpful.