Author Topic: MLV file recovery not possible - 3.6 MB Issue  (Read 1719 times)


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MLV file recovery not possible - 3.6 MB Issue
« on: August 10, 2021, 01:04:04 AM »
Dear Magic Lantern Forum

I've been filming 130 GB of RAW Video MLV files and my windows PC isnt able to read my CF Card (SanDisk Extreme Pro 256 GB).

Im able to see the files on my Canon 5Dm3 but didn't manage to put them on my PC. I've seen, that there are people with the
same issue in this forum and it's probably a problem with my cf card formatting, but their tips didn't help me.  :'( :'(

What I've already done?

1. Using LC-Tech RescuePRO Deluxe Tool to recover
--> All found files, except of two which im able to use, have the same size (3.6 MB) and i cant open them in the MLV App

1.1 Contacting LC-Tech Support
--> Waiting for answer

2. Using photorec to recover
--> Same issue as point 1

3. Tried whats written here
--> Don't understand, how cgrenier managed to save the files

4. Wanna try, whats written here, but im afraid deleting all my data

Is there an official way to get my files?
Do you have any idea, how to solve this?
Do you have experience with this issue?