How did you guys know about Magic Lantern?

Started by RandalByrd, July 03, 2021, 07:31:33 AM

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Hello everyone, I just wonder how come you guys knew about Magic Lantern? Was it your friends' recommendation or was it just popped up on social networks?


I saw an advertisement and now figuring out how it works and I like it


I came here when i was googling my problem.


From what I remember back then in 2016-2017 I was watching YT videos which were comparing DR among H.264 standard profile vs H.264 CineStyle then YT recommended H.264 CineStyle vs RAW video comparisons in term of DR, and I was impressed by the results. and after that I started digging into Magic Lantern thing.


i wanted more out of my cameras i don't remember if it was chdk  for g9 or magic lantern for eos t1i 1st but if if i had to guess around 2015ish or 2016  i started tinkering from files i found on forums   and yt


When I bought second-hand 550D and found mentions of ML somewhere on some forums, my friend also used CHDK on his old point and shoot camera so the whole concept wasn't new to me...

But the real RAW video passion and all that came from youtube. I saw a clip which was shot on 50D in raw, it was some sort of amateur short film, just a few scenes actually, but I was stunned by the image. It was so cinematic and absolutely not like typical digital video. All colors and the whole "feel" was completely different from what we all used to see on youtube. So I immediately forgot about 4k and all marketing crap :D It was ~5 years ago, or maybe more.


After I realized my intervalometer port was broken, I realized ML was basically my only option for an intervalometer. Since then I've been obsessed.