The Cold Dark - Post apocalyptic shortfilm - BM Ursa & 5d mark III raw

Started by hmcindie, June 05, 2021, 09:03:09 AM

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We shot this one in 2017. Lots of cold, dark and wet! And some monsters too.

I really tried to do some more character oriented stuff and a plot that had a beginning, middle and end. Learned a s*%t ton! (and that's what making shorts is mostly for). Shot this with a variety of different cameras, main 2 cameras the Blackmagic Ursa, then the 5d mark III and some sony rx10 ii stuff in there too. An awesome little technical mistake made me shoot a bit of 5d mark III raw under HD resolution. And it's all here now in 4k hah.

If you have any questions, shoot away!