Author Topic: canon 600D magic lantern time-lapse. how to shoot on schedule?  (Read 130 times)


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I shoot time lapses of plants growing and sometimes plants shouldn't get light at night. Accordingly, I should not take pictures at night because there is no point in that. But I have to do it because I don't know how to automate this process. I get a lot of dark shots that don't make sense.

No problem arises if you shoot around the clock without any changes to the settings.

But I need to turn off the camera at night. I can automatically turn off the camera via a 220v socket-timer.

The fact is that after turning off the power of the camera, the settings that I need are turned off - silent shooting, live view mode. Modules after such a power outage disappear until the next restart.

I have to touch the camera, which is not good, I can move the camera position, which is important for a perfect time-lapse.

It would be ideal if I could freeze the camera at certain time intervals - let's say from 22:00 to 6:00 every day - turn off the intervalometer. Is it possible to do this programmatically?

I do not have much experience and perhaps there is already a ready-made solution.  can somehow specify the settings that will be set after restarting the device?

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