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Magic Lantern for 5D Mark III - Alpha 3 (1.1.3)

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Firmware revision 1.1.3 now has an updated firmware installer:

--- Quote from: Original Post ---Download ML for 5D Mark III - Alpha 3.

1) Update camera firmware to 1.1.3.
2) Format the card from the camera.
3) Copy ML files on the card and run Firmware Update.

Which means you'll have to re-run the firmware update every time you power off the camera.

It's a safety measure: this version will not attempt to change any camera settings. Try it if you are not yet confortable with the nightly builds.

- This is one of the safest versions as of right now, but its feature set is quite limited.
- Nothing is written into ROM, and no camera settings are changed by this version, so risks should be minimal.
- If anything goes wrong, we don't pay for repairs. Use Magic Lantern at your own risk!


- Card test at startup
- Histogram and waveform moved to bottom
- New experimental display for focus peaking (extreme sharpness)
- 16:9 bars for anamorphic preview
- Focus box moves faster (not yet customizable)
- After taking a picture and pressing Zoom In right away, you can scroll through pictures
- Saturation boost when adjusting white balance
- Warnings for bad settings (e.g. if you set picture quality to JPEG instead of RAW by mistake)
- Dim the red LED while recording (make it less distracting)

From alpha 2:
- Magic Zoom (zoom while recording), experimental focus peaking modes, ghost image, display presets
- Movie indicators, movie logging, rec/standby notification, force LiveView for manual lenses
- Gradual exposure in movie mode
- HDR video
- Brightness, contrast, saturation, display gain, color schemes, UniWB correction, upside-down mode
- Clean HDMI with pillarboxes
- Anamorphic and fisheye correction
- Image review tweaks (exposure adjust, remember zoom position...)
- Task and CPU usage info

From alpha 1:
- zebras, focus peaking, cropmarks, spotmeter, histogram, waveform, vectorscope, audio meters.
- card benchmark, debug info, stability tests.

- Disable Auto Power Off.
- Recommended usage: copy ML on a small SD card, keep it in the camera, and use CF cards for shooting.
- You can use any card combination, just don't put ML on both cards.
- EyeFi cards are working!!! (thanks kikouyou)

Known issues:
- Some users reported a few random lock-ups with Alpha 1, but I could not reproduce any.
- The experimental focus peaking modes are a bit too slow (will slowdown LiveView frame rate).


Want to help with the porting proces? Use this special updater file to enable the bootflag and dump the firmware. With this, you can compile your own autoexec.bin and run it on your camera.

(BE AWARE: This file will set a boot flag which cannot be undone (yet).  This will increase your camera boot time slightly and also increase the wake up time from 0.2 sec to 2 sec.) added by Renato 11-6-2013

You will be able to try the entire ML feature set, but the risks of permanent damage are a lot higher than with the public alphas. Use it at your own risk.

--- End quote ---

I am ready for testing!
Where can we Download?

Coming soon = something in future ;)

I know ;)
But thought there s maybe a special page or thread where I can look at to check news.
Seems like this is the page, haha.
Good luck with your work!

it's like waiting for christmas as a little child all over again ;)


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