What's your best practice to monitor your video recording (and check on errors)?

Started by AlanSmithee, February 15, 2021, 11:18:41 AM

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It happened to me a few times that the video recording was interrupted (some error, card full, etc etc), and I didn't notice that the video had stopped, and kept 'filming'.

So, I am wondering whether there are any good/better practices of monitoring the recording?

At the moment, I have an external monitor that i use for focus assist (Portkeys P6), and the mirrored liveview display.
Liveview displays all the ML information, recording, running time, exposure, sound etc etc
The external monitor has a 'clean' image with just the video image, and any overlay I chose from the monitor (focus peak etc)

If i switch off display mirroring, then the camera display resolution is a bit smaller, but I get all the ML information on my external monitor too.
I am not sure if this setting is preferable. I would like to have a clean video image on the monitor.

But: I would like to keep track of the actual recording (and whether it is rolling or stopped).

What are your preferred settings to monitor the recording? any advice?


Walter Schulz


I just checked - sadly, I do not have that menu option.

When recording fails, i do get a message onscreen, but if i dont look at that screen in that exact moment, I will miss it. otherwise there is only a small timer screen right, that shows that the recording is in progress (or not)

( am using 5d mkiii, ML version: crop_rec_4k_mlv_snd_isogain_1x3_presets_2021Feb07.5D3123 )

Walter Schulz

According to feature list all ML supported cams should have this feature enabled. Please take a second look!
It's seen in 5D3 mock-up on ML's home page, too.