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Re: Sounds familiar ;-)
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I cant make sense of any of this.. Not the video or the article.

The examples shown in the video have blown out skintones, the Shadows are crushed.. the video in the end with the girl in the grass, when they combine it, just looks brighter and still has a ton of crushed blacks. Guy on the beach picture looks like the typical phone dr, barely visible details in the shadows..
Ofcourse, the video is a commercial, its just buzzwords, I actually watched it without audio the first time and the flashing buzzwords were comical, especially combined with those horrid examples (not the compositions, they were great). Yes the pictures are professionally graded as stated down in the corner, perhaps the pro thought it be best to hide the atrocities in the shadows, who knows.
 I am not trying to shoot this down, compared to samsungs previous phones, this probably is a huge step up, I don’t know.

I think the author of the article does not understand Dual-Gain output. In the article he says it is just Bracketing, even when he quotes from the video that it does two Gains at once. I don’t think it is bracketing, if it is, it makes no sense for samsung to claim it is innovative; they obviously know about bracketing, I think it is their own version of Dual-gain readout (see alexa, c300mkiii, c70). From the explanation in the video, I don’t see it as bracketing.

Since iphone 9 or 10, all apple mobile devices do multi capture(bracketing). The iphone (depending on version) captures a bunch of images in rapid succession and combines it in to one, great for DR, horrible for skin/texture. My old SE takes better pictures than the new SE, skintones are always a blob of yellow/orange, no texture at all in the skin or walls for that matter.
 I noticed immediately on the very first picture I made with the new SE and blamed it on NR. Now i know why.

Same for video, the new iphones take two frames per frame, one low and one high and merges. So you always shoot HDR.

If the Samsung actually does a dual gain output, then that would be a huge step up from the merging mess every other phone is doing, you get textures and no need to fear motion.

But as an end note, the colors out of every Samsung I have seen are the most “phonish” of them all. Ugly reds and greens.
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