Danne's crop_rec_4k experiments for EOS M

Started by Danne, December 03, 2018, 06:10:17 PM

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RAW vs H.264 highlight details on CANON M if someone is tempted to go back to H.264


Is there anyway to have a 4x crop? instead of the 3.33? I have a lens that vignettes in the corners


Quote from: lightspeed on May 28, 2019, 11:12:14 PM
Is there anyway to have a 4x crop? instead of the 3.33? I have a lens that vignettes in the corners

2048x1080 has 4.07 crop factor, chose it from mlv_lite submenu.

Here is a useful calculator for resolutions and crop factors .. etc

Edit: you can use main dial to make small increments, from mlv_lite submenu highlight the resolution and use main dial to decrease/increase resolution.


Thanks. I guess there isn't a way to use it with the 3k setting. The vignetting is actually off center. is it possible to scan the image to the right at all?


Quote from: lightspeed on May 29, 2019, 12:00:01 AM
Thanks. I guess there isn't a way to use it with the 3k setting. The vignetting is actually off center. is it possible to scan the image to the right at all?

In crop mode sub menu you can reach cmos5. Try setting it to 300 and onwards. Test 320, 340 etc. Also 400 and above. Maybe you find a good setting. Then report back.


I tried some of them but was not able to fix the vignetting. guess the lens is just to small


Going through some old threads, Danne's dual-iso demo file at #1860 seems doesn't flicker. So I tried to build from last commit of Jan.11, still got flicker. May be that clip is too short to show that. At least I learned how to compile ML today and didn't break my camera. Thanks Danne and all the devs.


Quote from: lightspeed on May 29, 2019, 12:00:01 AM
...The vignetting is actually off center. is it possible to scan the image to the right at all?

If you can compile you can adjust the skip offsets to center the image. There was a similar issue on the 60D. You can read how we resolved that on the Raw Video framing is off when using 60D's 'Movie Crop Mode'. Help! topic.


First time taking my EOS M for a spin outside.
I used the latest build:

So far I'm really impressed with the results.
Filmed mostly in mv1080p MCM rewire.
Didn't have any major issues, but I noticed I have to toggle the Canon menu button almost every time I startup the camera.
It seems to start up in crop mode by default.
Clicking the Canon menu button twice gave me the expected wider field of view.

This is my ML folder with the settings:

When I filled up my SanDisk Extreme PRO 64GB 170MB/s card, I continued with a slower KomputerBay card. Didn't get continuous recording on that one, but that was expected.

However, six clips came out at 1736x696 resolution.
Here's one of the clips: https://www.dropbox.com/s/eqonfs69xx9aaqm/M28-1255.MLV?dl=0.
MLV App opens it with a height stretch of 1.67 to make it 1736x1160 which is a 3x2 aspect ratio.

The rest of the clips are 16x9 at 1736x976 resolution, as expected.

What could be the cause those clips were recorded at a different resolution?


As you say. Pressing canon menu will mostly settle all correct registers.
If it starts in crop mode. Try clearing ml config files and start over.
If it recorded in mv720p mode regs did not apply correctly. Why I don't know. There's still plenty to refine regarding presets but I do my best.
On the other hand I look at the crop_rec as a truly creative window into ml work and making it possible to test out ideas as it's connected to registrys and raw back end stuff.


Thanks! Just wanted to post my findings in the hope they'd be helpful for further development :)


New version:

- Should no longer start in x3 zoom mode on start up(took out the x3 config file fix since interefing with crop_rec)
- Should be a little more robust when starting camera in rewired modes. Registrys should apply and not randomly miss out on crop_rec patches. (Well it´s not perfect. Could still make it start in mv720p 29.997 but better.


Thanks Danne, I noticed the 3x crop startup issue too. Downloading the new build now. I only recently got back into ML after being away for a few years (having kids takes up your life man).

Anyways, my dormant EOS-M has now noy only been given new life but is one of the best cameras out there now that is has usable raw video. 1080 MCM rewire is my go now :)

Thanks so much. Really appreciate it.


New version:

- Still addressing start up routines. Once in a while crop_rec engio and adtg regs would not apply. Hopefully fixed now. Issue seems related to sd_uhs module. Maybe some race condition.


Thanks Dannie

Your some man to be able to do these things
I have the Eos m for about 5 or 6 months now
and its just getting better and better !!!!

PS I just saw today (I don't know if it was there all along)
set frame rate to 30fps

So happy to see it I love to slow 30fps down
One thing I did notice is there are some pink frames
any idea how ro get rid of them?

Thanks for everything


Try kill global draw under RAW video menu.


ILL give it a go now

your prob sick of this but




Quote from: Danne on June 03, 2019, 10:39:56 AM
Try kill global draw under RAW video menu.


It works
no pink frames
I recorded for 1 min and no pink frames
where as before I had about 10 or so per minute

Thanks Danne your a gentle man
Really appreciate the reply


Uploaded a new version just now. Shutter on display seems more correct now. Some more bugs.


Hi I did some videos today and this is just copy and paste the text in the browser with the info from the video.

If you notice M03-1221.MLV the res is 1800 x 1012
I looked at the video and there is no missed frames or pink frames

what is this about? I think it might be fault but its a fault for the better right?

Filename   Preview    Frames   Audio   Resolution   Framerate   Duration   Camera Model   Camera Serial   Lens Name   Date/Time   Shutter   ISO   Aperture
M03-1217.MLV      1258   yes   1736 x 976   30.012   00:41   Canon EOS M   2ADA60C98D   EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM   2019-6-3 12:17:38   16ms   100   f/5.6
M03-1221.MLV      220   yes   1800 x 1012   30.012   00:07   Canon EOS M   2ADA60C98D   EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM   2019-6-3 12:21:04   16ms   100   f/3.5
M03-1218.MLV      1248   yes   1736 x 976   30.012   00:41   Canon EOS M   2ADA60C98D   EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM   2019-6-3 12:18:31   16ms   100   f/4.5
M03-1219.MLV      2017   yes   1736 x 976   30.012   01:07   Canon EOS M   2ADA60C98D   EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM   2019-6-3 12:19:24   16ms   100   f/4.5
M03-1137.MLV      118   yes   1736 x 976   30.012   00:03   Canon EOS M   2ADA60C98D   EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM   2019-6-3 11:37:31   16ms   100   f/5.6


It's movie crop mode getting confused with crop_rec regs. Use the latest build. Shouldn't happen in recent builds.


Thanks for that. I will download the crop_rec_4k_mlv_snd_isogain_1x3_presets_2019Jun03 1.EOSM202



Hello people!
5d mark ii has theese maximum mlv resolutions for 4:3 aspect ratio and continuous rec:
                    standart mode  = 1664x1248 1.12x
crop1920 1:1 not centered = 1024x768   5.48x
       crop3.5k 1:1 centered  = 1600x1200 3.51x

Could someone write here the same max.with "x factor" for 4:3 ratio continuous rec on EOS M ?
All crop modes centered?
Actual correct framing only possible in ml grayscale preview?
Its also a frozen frame while recording with ml grayscale?
Moire and aliasing are strong without crop mode?


1600x1158 mv1080p mode
X3 digital zoom same
X5 zoom, probably a little more depending on height and coninuous or not.