Danne's crop_rec_4k experiments for EOS M

Started by Danne, December 03, 2018, 06:10:17 PM

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I'm Miklos, from Hungary, and have been following ML development, especially for the Eos M lately. First of all, wanted to thank everyone's contribution, its truly amazing stuff.

I started using a Liliput A5 field monitor, and it works great in MCM Rewire mode.
4K Anamorphic is partially working with HDMI out. Liveview is stuck just 1 step before the 7fps correct framing view that works with internal screen, thus it is live, but squeezed.
Records countinously in 1488x1866, but gives half pink frames quite often.

Can I help to investigate what causes it? Can I make a log maybe with adtg_gui with and without the HDMI out enabled to help the process?

I'll do my research about it meanwhile, I'd like to contribute as I can. : )



The only difference between "2.5K 1:1 centered" and "2.5K 2520x1418" is the centering right? No other differences that affect quality, like possible resolutions and bit-depths? If no other differences, I'm wondering why anyone would want to record off-center...



So what does centered mean then?
And bot both are 1:1 crops right?

With ratios set to off the 2.5K 2520x1418 mode indeed has greater hight.

2.5K 1:1 centered records max 2520x1080.
2.5K 2520x1418 records in 2520x1416.

In 16:9 aspect ratio 2.5K 1:1 centered records max 1920x1080.
2.5K 2520x1418 records in 2192x1234.
So not only greater hight, but also greater width.

In 2.39:1 ratio both record in 2520x1054.
In 2.35:1 ratio both record in 2520x1072.

So there's no difference at all between these modes in these ratios?


I added this centred preset as good practice following 5DIII code from a1ex. Not really much difference except the one you pointed out.
By the way. Working on x10zoom reach while focusing as an alternative to x3crop modes.


Looking forward to it!
I'm working on a (hopefully useful) script myself.

By the way, when half pressing the shutter button in MCM rewire.
The live view becomes slow.

It overrides the real time live view and replaces it with worse live view.

I find it annoying when using autofocus because then you need to keep the halfshutter pressed and the laggy live view kicks in.
Is it possible to disable this live view override on half shutter press?

Maybe only for modes that already have proper live view?


Yes possible. It activates in mlv_lite.c when in real time preview and long halfshutter push. I will check into this parallell to working with x10 preview modes.


Very nice ^^

I've been working on a script. Would be great if you could take a look.
Script should be set to autorun.

Then each time you press the PLAY key in Live View, a menu pops up.
From there you can choose one of the RAW recording presets (HD, HD crop, 2K and 4K).
Next time you press PLAY it will default to the previous preset.
So you can quickly toggle between two modes just by pressing PLAY a couple of times.

You'll always toggle between the two most recent presets.
The presets have some global options (FPS, ratio) but can also have individual settings (like bitrate).
I like to record in 14 bit for HD and 12 or 10 in 2k and 4k.

If you press PLAY and you want to go to the playback menu, it's only a couple of clicks away.

I tried before to use the INFO key, but that one has already a pretty complex toggle behaviour.
Also the PLAY button is commonly used in the ML menu so thought it would be a good fit to toggle stuff with.

Currently still many issues so it's a first proof of concept.
Hope you find it interesting.

P.S. make sure the resolution dropdown in the in "RAW video" submenu is set to the highest resolution.
All presets will then take the highest resolution possible.


Also according to aprofiti there's a bug in the config.lua library. And it seems like there's a fix for it.
Maybe a good idea to include the fixed config.lua library in the next build?


New version:


Having ideas from theBilalFakhouri here:

As the pictures points out as a focusing aid while in idle mode halfshutter holding will enter x10 zoom. Releasing button will get camera back into the menu preset. Should work for all presets(mv1080p,x5 modes,mv720p etc)

Will work(hopefully) for all included cameras(100D,5D3,700D,650D,EOSM)

Also adressed and fixed this(Jip-Hop)
Quote from: Jip-Hop on July 10, 2019, 08:26:30 PM
By the way, when half pressing the shutter button in MCM rewire.
The live view becomes slow.

Quote from: Jip-Hop on July 11, 2019, 01:41:03 AM
Also according to aprofiti there's a bug in the config.lua library. And it seems like there's a fix for it.
Maybe a good idea to include the fixed config.lua library in the next build?
If a bug it should go into lua branch. Do a pull request?

Took it down. Have to check for corruption. Maybe regs need resetting after usd in x10 zoom. Stay tuned...
Up again. Fixed!


Good stuff Danne! Briefly tried it out just now and autofocus in mv1080 MCM rewire is a lot nicer to use now that live view stays snappy. It's becoming more polished every time  :D

Also the 10x crop, working for all presets, is a nice way to check focus before recording with manual lenses. Well done!

But so many options mean there's a lot of different ways to configure. They're all in different places: Crop mode dropdown and Crop mode submenu, RAW video submenu. And once you've got all set up, e.g. how you like to shoot with mv1080, these settings will be gone once you setup how you like to shoot in 2.5K mode. Personally I'd like to shoot with 14-bit in mv1080 in 16:9, and use a lower bitrate, e.g. 10, and narrow aspect ratio for 4k.

For me that would be a great win for RAW recording: if I could just setup how I like to use each mode before a shoot, and quickly toggle between them during the shoot. Without a need to change many settings in different places, having to remember each and watch out for misconfigurations.

We now basically have global options, that apply always. Regardless of the selected preset in Crop mode. I think we could use a couple of global settings (maybe FPS and aspect ratio). But in addition to that for each preset I'd like to be able to set local settings, which don't apply to the other presets (bitrate, if I want to use x3 crop toggle or x10 crop toggle, or none, maybe even the option to override global settings such as FPS or aspect ratio).

Would love some feedback on the script I posted yesterday. However I'm away from my camera and computer for three weeks. Would have loved to make it usable, but at the moment it's incomplete.

Quote from: Danne on July 11, 2019, 04:39:36 PM
If a bug it should go into lua branch. Do a pull request?

There should already be a pull request that fixes the Lua issue according to dfort.

But fortunately I can just replace the config.lua with the fixed one myself and get the benefits without having to wait for a merge or compile ML myself  :)


Just tested out the playkey.lua script. I see some nice ideas going on here.

What I did to simplify stuff myself was that running the cinema 2.39:1 script will set base for all coming presets. So once it is set choosing any of the other presets should work out of the box adjusting preview fps etc. Now of course all will be 2.39:1 and in 10bit and no extras so next step will be to add additionals.
Next step from this as I see it would be like are doing now. Personalized luascripts. Maybe a dropdown menu with 10 most useful presets. Who knows. I spent a year simplifying but as you see yourself more can be done. So just keep it going and you´ll reach your goals sooner than later. Or never  :P


has anyone had experience of SD durability working in overclocking? SD died after 4 hours shots ... sandisk, 128gb, 170mbs :'(


Quote from: marcelolippi on July 12, 2019, 12:26:56 AMdurability working in overclocking
Overclocking and durability, choose one. It's all about silicon lottery. Info that somebody's card survives OC means nothing about other cards even from the same batch.
Too many Canon cameras.
If you have a dead R or RP mainboard (e.g. after camera repair) and want to donate for experiments, I'll cover shipping costs.


Refined centering for most presets when using x10toggle. Download at the usual place...


I have strange issue, my screen is flashing magenta and green when i enable raw recording mcm rewire,shutter 250 and fps override.
I thought my cam sensor is dying but it does not happen with older builds but im not sure, i didnt used shutter above 100 too much.
I did not take pic or video but i started to lower my shutter speed to 50 and it fixed itself.
Cant figure out how to reproduce it now but its there somewhere.Maybe its related to high shutter , i usted 40-50 most of the time and i used 250 today.
Ok i reproduced it, enable mcm rewire, croprec, bits 12,fps override 23.976 exact, shutter 200 (most important i think to get this screen flashing issue) then hit record
stop recording and there it is, screen is flashing magenta.Disabling fps override and pressing menu twice fixes it as well.fixes itself when i lower shutter to 112 and press menu twice.Overall it starts to happen from shutter 130 and higher.
Btw. half shutter toggle for x3 and x10 is very useful! Great idea.x5 toggle would be nice too, or pressing halfshutter once for x5,pressing again for x3 and again for x10 but i dont think we can record in x10.


Something is affecting shutter when using fine tuning in fps override. Don´t know exactly what. But I don´t see how you can´t use native canon 24fps as it is set to now? It will then record either 23.970 or 23.980. Close enough i´d say.


I can use native but i prefere fps override with exact , footage looks different with it and gives me much less rolling shutter , without fps override its not the same because i tested this extensively and i do see the difference, if native would use the same rolling shutter settings as override with exact then id use it.
I dont normally use fast shutter speed with 24fps , it was just a test so it doesnt really bother me, im not a fan of 24fps and stuttery images with high shutter.
I didnt tested how it affects 48fps.


sd sandisk pro 128gb, read speed 170, four hours of shooting with the sd overclocking module, no longer reads the magic lantern firmware. Record normally from the canon menu. I've tried everything, deep format, old builds ... ideas? Anybody has the same problem?


Quote from: marcelolippi on July 13, 2019, 01:53:46 AM
no longer reads the magic lantern firmware

There are fake SanDisk Extreme Pro Cards out there, hopefully you haven't landed on one in this case. A card I used to have wouldn't allow the camera to read ML on it until I blew inside the camera card slot and it started to work again. Otherwise, format to exFAT on a pc/Mac. I use Lexar Professional 128GB and it works amazing.


I checked all the indicators just arrived from amazon: true sd sandisk. It worked until we had this problem, I shot a documentary, 4 hours of recording

Walter Schulz

Sounds like you formatted the card with a cardreader or inside a cam without ML or inside an ML cam with Q option activated -> card no longer bootable.
Easiest workaround: Reinstall ML.


Quote from: Walter Schulz on July 13, 2019, 09:38:48 AM
Sounds like you formatted the card with a cardreader or inside a cam without ML or inside an ML cam with Q option activated -> card no longer bootable.
Easiest workaround: Reinstall ML.
So are you suggesting to format a card Twice? Once prior to installing ML and then again after installing ML?

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New version:

- x10 zoom aid now also works with photo mode if kept enabled in crop mode while in photo mode
- renamed the preset "focus aid"

In photo mode if pushing halfshutter for longer than 0.5s it goes into x10 zoom. Releasing gets you back into x1 mode. Then simply push halfshutter to take a photo. Nice to have this with manual lenses. Eosm isn´t exactly fast working getting into x10 zoom...

Curious if it´s possible to pause autofocus somehow?

Also feel like a travelled around the globe to get x10 function working when all that was needed was this:

Walter Schulz

Quote from: sirminder on July 13, 2019, 11:23:03 AM
So are you suggesting to format a card Twice? Once prior to installing ML and then again after installing ML?

Sorry, where in my answer did I suggest to format a card even once?