Author Topic: Creating A Software that Can Read Shutter Count from Canon DSLR? How would you?  (Read 2005 times)


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I'm on a finish line creating Windows Software to read Shutter count for Nikon cameras , however that was fairly easy as you could read the data from image taken with the Camera.

However for Canon it's different, the shutter count isn't displayed in EXIF Data of image and The only way I see others have done this is that it requires you to connect the camera via USB to your Computer and basically create a software that can connect to the camera and read the data that way...

I have applied for Canon SDK but realized that They do not have this feature to pull this data,perhaps on purpose...

There are Certainly Free & Paid softwares out there that works and I have used myself so It can be done,however Being a total Noob I have no idea Idea how Would you even go about creating such a thing?

Anyone has had any experience with this sort of stuff and know how this would be done and where would you need to start?

(Creating a software that can connect to your camera once you plug it in your pc and read that shutter count data)

Thanks In Advance :)


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I don't know exactly how I'd do it, but I do know that I'd buy it!