Shanghai timelapse/hiperlapse

Started by [email protected], October 23, 2020, 04:26:37 PM

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[email protected]

Hello World
I'm new to this forum,
I have been following the development of the ML for several years and I take this opportunity to congratulate everyone on the extraordinary work

The timelapse video below was made thanks to the magic lantern

to enjoy

sorry for my English


Nice !

What was your shooting settings / lens / camera model ?


Awesome !
Very nice shots of the city. Good job.

[email protected]

thanks GullRaDriel

the shooting is in 2016
in that job I had

Sony a6300
Canon 5d iii
Canon 7d
Gopro hero 4

Tokina 11-16 - f 2.8
Nikkor 24 - f 2
Nikkor 50 - f 1.4
Nikkor 85 - f 1.4
Zeiss 135 - f 2.8
Hanimex 300 - f 4
Magic Lantern

I used all the cameras equally

I don't have a shutter speed rule

depending on the situation I expose more or less to have the effect I want
for example under the bridge (min 3.02 - 5d iii with tokina at 16mm), during the shots I increased the exposure times every 100 shots to get longer and longer line lights
if I remember correctly from 0.5sec up to 2 sec


Thanks for the details. A lot of work indeed !