Canon eos 5d mark iii at 1808 x 2268 1.06x

Started by ChristianEOS, October 31, 2020, 06:52:20 PM

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Dear Magic Lantern Forum,

if I record at 1808 x 2268  (1.06x) is it possible to even get it at 1.00 x. Is there the possibility of 2 stops of higher resolution?

This is of course a question for the more experienced hackers, because this Module
is a hard one.
With this thread I just wanted to motivate productive results.

Has anybody tested this build?

With such high resolution I didn't get any aliasing or miore at picture style Sharpness 2. Compared to the normal full HD quality you can see a bigger difference. I hope I could help you?

Have fun  :)
Christian Bruno James


The maximum resolution is 1920x2340, so has crop of 1.00x (full sensor width). No need of for this. What are "stops of resolution"?
It doesn't care at all what picture style you use or how you set them up. RAW is untouched of this.
Here I used this build you asked for and the resolution 1920x2340.
5D3.113 | EOSM.202


Thank you very much I have found the possibility I just turned all the RAW video off and very important is to restart the camera.
I use SD card spanning, if you press the half shutter you get a better preview
Christian Bruno James