nature video - 5d3 3.5k 5x zoom mode

Started by 70MM13, September 17, 2020, 01:44:38 PM

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there's definitely something magical happening with danne's new 3.5k 5x zoom mode.

i was feeling lazy so i shot this episode on my CF card only, at approximately 2500*1250 (2:1 AR) @ 23.976, 14 bit

and it was as solid as a rock.  no stops with several 10-15 minute takes!

the new realtime preview is a joy to work with.

there's some serious magic in magic lantern these days...


Quotethe new realtime preview is a joy to work with.

Did danne's build finally enable correct framing in 5x crop mode ??

And I honestly enjoy your very subtle grading by the way. Feels all very natural and fits the context of the video very well.



regarding the framing, it generally works reliably with the sides cropped off in the liveview.  when recording, it zooms in more, but it is perfectly smooth and it's great for focusing ;)

occasionally, however, the liveview is zoomed in all the time.  i ran into that with the first take on this recording.  i had to restart the camera after trying random tinkering, but nothing fixed it until restarting the camera.

i haven't tested it yet but i'm wondering if it might be related to which video mode is selected when starting the camera?


I've had the same problem where it was zoomed in all the way. A restart solved it, but I think that my use of the x10 preview aid from the half shutter press triggered it. The recording of the latest build is rock solid, but sometimes navigating in liveview, I have to take my time and go a bit slower than usual and that seems to not trigger the ''zoom all the way'' issue.

andy kh

You may report the problem to danne in his forum so that he can have a look
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Quote from: LoO93 on September 19, 2020, 08:57:59 PM
Did danne's build finally enable correct framing in 5x crop mode ??

Scrambled preview was fixed, the Preview still cropped like the default Canon x5 preview.


thanks for the tip.  going fast with the interface makes sense.  i am using muscle memory and i don't go slow with operations!

hopefully it gets sorted out.  being stuck in x10 zoom isn't always obvious in the forest, and when i play it back it can reveal a need for a retake ;)