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Re: LiveView Investigation
« Reply #125 on: March 16, 2023, 05:25:42 AM »
is this available?


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Re: LiveView Investigation
« Reply #126 on: Yesterday at 07:08:47 PM »
"I just need to finish working on 650D / 700D / EOS M/M2 / 100D family"

Bilal if you were to update the M2 build with this I would travel to wherever in the world you are and kiss your feet.

ANY updates or improvements to the M2 build are enormously appreciated.... but frankly it has many problems greater than this... but I would LOVE to have this in my M2.

Please and Thank you regardless.

Come on, 5D3 users are not forgotten . . at least not yet :P
I stopped working for now on 5D3, last update was here, surely I am getting closer, but unfortunately nothing . . yet.

I just need to finish working on 650D / 700D / EOS M/M2 / 100D family (might finish in two months), then after that my ML time would be dedicated to 5D3 to the rest of the year.
I hope I won't give up, even if I did, other devs will have the info which will be documented in future.

The research was started on 700D back in august 2020, and only this year (after ~2.4 years?) I was able to get an interesting results.
I again, really hope to get something this year on 5D3, but hope isn't enough really . . at least I can say my skills are improving overtime which translate to figuring out stuff faster (if it was not very complex) compared to me in the past years, like 2018 :P:

I was "New to the forum" member back then, didn't know anything about coding/reverse engineering, ML project was exciting/amazing enough to get me involved.
So: patience please :) , BTW do you still have your EOS M? if yes, you might get some exciting news for it next month ;D