Advice? - R6 vs A7SIII

Started by yourboylloyd, July 28, 2020, 11:34:15 PM

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Heated debate is fine, but for personal attacks (not necessarily from you), yes, there will be a need to issue bans.


Sorry for that, I just want to give some advice but I think it came out harder in text. But yes my post before that is not necessary against reddercity. But I think it was on topic to talk about 1080p.

Anyways i think you will enjoy R6 yourboylloyd, and i also think you will start using UHD because the filesize is still very small only a quarter of ML RAW 1080p 25fps is. And it looks really good that 10bit.

And who knows you might be the first who do serious overheat tests, because i havent seen that on the internet yet. Good luck.