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EOS M Buttons not working
« on: June 30, 2020, 12:20:36 AM »
A few years ago some of the buttons on my EOS M stopped working, I opened it up and tore half of the flex cable with the buttons, causing the click-wheel to stop working too. As I stopped using the camera for a while I completely forgot that they were not working before I opened the camera, until today. I finally bought a replacement cable/button assembly, and plugged it in, and some of the buttons still do not work (specifically Up, Left, and most importantly Q/Set). As I have just replaced the assembly (which did fix the click-wheel!) and those buttons do not work, I assume it may be a software issue? I decided to try and reinstall the firmware, but the issue is that the process requires using the 'SET' button to confirm the update file, and that button doe not work.
I don't know if the issue was cause by Magic Lantern or not, but I know I was using it around that time the issue began; otherwise maybe someone here understands these cameras enough to suggest what might be causing the problem.