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Started by LebedevRI, April 22, 2016, 09:01:27 PM

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Did not know this forum existed before, so here it is.

The implementation in darktable is pretty much the same as in ml's module.

You will need darktable 2.0 or newer. (2.0.4 is highly recommended)

Video explanation on how to use it:  (from 8m10s to 11m17s)

Textual explanation:

  • Start darktable
  • Import images
  • Open one image in darkroom
  • Edit it to your liking
  • In exposure module in the right sidebar:

    • set mode to automatic
    • set the two very same parameters: percentile and target. they have exactly the same meaning as in
  • Switch to lighttable
  • Copy history stack of the image you edited
  • Select all the images
  • Paste history stack to the selected images
  • Export images. That is all.

Exported images will have pretty similar exposure.
Now you can do whatever you want with them - e.g. assemble them into a video.

IMPORTANT: only available for raw (not even SRAW!) files, i.e. .CR2, .NEF, etc; NOT FOR ANYTHING ELSE (ldr/hdr - jpg, tiff, png, etc)