Author Topic: Focus Peaking with external monitor [650D/T4i 1.0.4]  (Read 823 times)


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Focus Peaking with external monitor [650D/T4i 1.0.4]
« on: April 14, 2020, 11:28:23 PM »

thank you all so much for this awesome project so far!

When I try to use focus peaking with external monitor, the "dots" are not working properly. The setting of filter bias changes how they work, but neither is correct.

Strong edges:


Fine details:

If I remember correctly, there was earlier an option to choose the buffer size to hi-res, and that fixed the problem. But with the newest nightly, I can't find such option and fix this. I have tried all settings from focus peaking. No solution. The problem is both in video mode and in live-view mode. Could I find somewhere older ML for 650D with the hi-res option for focus peaking? (I lost my old version when my sd card "locked" lately...)

I tested this with two different external monitors. 1. With my HDMIPi 1280x800 screen it recognizes the input as 1920x540 60Hz signal (1080i60?). 2. With my Dell U2413 1920x1200 screen.

In the camera's own screen it works totally fine.

Camera 650D (T4i) with 1.0.4. I tried the newest nightly and also some iso experiment build.