Author Topic: MAGIC LANTERN - my close friend  (Read 1473 times)


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MAGIC LANTERN - my close friend
« on: February 10, 2020, 12:24:38 PM »
Magic Lantern has become for me like an exquisite pair of gloves. In whatever way you move your hands they are just there, snug, close fitting and gently warming your hands helping you in any way needed to do your work...
Thanks again for all your work and effort in producing such a fantastic tool and on top of it all just for free
Being an artist not getting much money from my films I am really grateful for this tool that makes my work keeping a high quaility without costing a fortune (working with a Canon 5D mk III that I got cheaply
because its shuttercount had passed 500 000!! Keeping my thumbs for it to continue to work...)
/ olof 😀

PS I look forward to an eventual continuation on mk IV (more fps/higher resolution)....DS
EOS 5D Mark III 1.2.3
Mac OS High Sierra


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Re: MAGIC LANTERN - my close friend
« Reply #1 on: March 04, 2020, 03:09:58 PM »
I've just received delivery of my 1st eos m camera I have C Family programming understanding and I'm trying to build a DIY volumetric reality capture and motion capture studio as a side hobby because I've now deactivated facebook and decided to get back on my creative work and learning journey my aim is to learn magic lantern operating procedures and use them for my vr ar vocap mocap and recap studio and develop among many other things high quality 360 panoramic hdri environment maps for natural lighting in 3d engine or 3d modeling scenes as a side hobby instead of posting rubbish on facebook wasting my skills and making my self look a fool while procrastinating as I am now to anyone who cared to watch well I've deactivated facebook with no intention of going back on and intend to attempt in time after lots of research learning and some playing and probing the eos m and hopefully once my c family skills are back upto scratch I will be helping in attempting to port ML to my crop sensor dslr the eos 2000D with my new eos m before I get to work hacking away at it I'm going to do some 360 hdri's and have a play with 2.5k raw and maybe even have a play with 4k raw I look forward to spending my time more productively now I've deactivated that horrible brain numbing endeavour they call social media for a much more noble cause such as potentially bricking a brand new camera that a wonderful man I used to work with gave me because he believes I have the skill needed to reach my childhood dream of becoming a VR AR developer and content creator interactive volumetric is the future of entertainment and me helping port magic lantern as a pastime that keeps me code current instead of sitting around wasting my time daydreaming while smoking a peace pipe so thanks in advance even though I ain't done nothing yet I plan to spend the next five years working on my skills and eventually making a living off them magic lantern porting is going to be frustrating I'm sure but tons of fun and extremely educational....wish me luck  :) 8) :-X ::) :( >:( :-* :D  :P ;)
It's been a long road to travel and a mighty long way to go but you can get it if you really want but you must try try and try try and try you succeed at last ;) my aim is create some way of interfacing with pc so as to create an auto calibrated rgb-depth camera by interfacing via pc with the kinect