Debayer without interpolation?

Started by 50mm1200s, July 18, 2018, 04:08:00 AM

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There's an SDK that offers DFPD approach to demosaic which I think is different than interpolation and generates better results. You can check here:


Interesting @chjawadm ! It still interpolates the pixels, from what I understood of the paper. Their comparison is based on bilinear and not on the more recent AMaZe algorithm, so I dunno if it performs better or not than the current one. I think the advantage is that it has low computational complexity and can be optimized for GPU processing.


bilinear is rather dreadful, so it doesn't seem like a reasonable comparison at all!

i still ask myself whatever happened to that "denoisaicing" algorithm from a couple of years ago.  it looked like it could have incredible potential...