What is your way of dealing with chroma problems?

Started by 33trego33, November 30, 2019, 03:15:44 AM

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I am shooting raw video on the 650d and then processing with MLV App. Overall very pleased with how easy and great looking it all is at this point.

Most of the time, in MLV App, I go under Details/Chroma separation/Chroma Blur radius of 5-6 but sometimes all the way to 10, depending on what I'm dealing with. It gets rid of the chroma problems, but it sometimes has an unfortunate effect on colors: it happens to take the blue right out of my eyes, for example, while leaving most color in the frame untouched.

What is the best way to deal with the pink/green chroma stuff at this point? Is it better when you process stills in Lightroom or whatever?



Could you please post a short sample MLV? Some single frames are enough. First we should know, what your artifacts are, then we can help.
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If you can intermediately get the footage in to L*a*b colour space, you can use saturation on a*b channels to get rid of Chroma noise, this also works well with Moire. Then convert the colour space back to your working space.

But examples of the problem are always preferred.
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Chroma Smooth 3x3 (in "raw correction" menu) works for my 50D when recording >=400 ISO. I never use "chroma separation" (in "details" menu), because it always destroys chroma details.
Other thing you should be aware is that the most you push some effects (particularly Hue vs. Luminance), more chroma artifacts you will get. If you're using 3D LUTs, it might also create artifacts because of color space limitations.
You can also actively remove chroma noise using the denoiser in mlvapp, in last case scenario. Also, consider using a big processing gamut such as "ACES AP1" or "Alexa Wide Gamut RGB" (might decrease artifacts in highly saturated tones).