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Started by Johng, September 03, 2012, 07:47:27 PM

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I have the Canon 60D.
I just got back from my third in a row shooting trip. First to prefece this update i have to say i love, love, love, love Quick Zoom. :-) I am getting pretty used to using the features in ML and how to get to features I use most, quickly. The features I use the most are the following....
manual modes...
ISO, shutter speed, white balance, appurture, maybe a few other settings.
I don't know the exact name of the following feature so I will try my best to describe it....
Ok, I first enter the ML menus.  Then Expo (Exposure setting menu). Then let's say I select ISO for example and press SET. This pops me back to LV mode with just the ISO setting displayed on the screen witch is white letters on a blue background. I can either make changes to the ISO amount by rotating one of the click wheels or cycle around to the other mode/item in the selected menu which for this example is the Exposure menu. I like  this one because the Letters are a litte bigger and the color scheme, white on blue is easy for me to see. Easier to read than looking at the setting displayed at the bottom of the view screen.
Now, in this mode described above Quick Zoom does not work. I would love, love if Quick Zoom would work in this settings mode. Right now I have to hit the menu button to disable the above settings "Quick Zoom" and then go into the menus and hit SET to activate the setting again. ;Just to many steps.
What I love about Quick Zoom is that the camera goes into Quick Zoom just by rotating the focus ring and by not having to press the zoom button on the camera makes everything so much faster and just a joy to use. Thank you for adding Quick Zoom to ML my most used Feature.

John Gerard