How many people would like to donate?

Started by aprofiti, October 10, 2019, 09:59:54 PM

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I would be happy to wire 100 euros to this great project.

I own a Canon 1300D :-)


Thanks - apparently that's the price of a used 1300D on eBay. In other words, you are effectively donating a 1300D to the project :)

Currently setting up a space to work from home (because... corona). Hoping the change could make it easier for me to consider this topic a bit more seriously - but can't promise anything atm.


I've been watching the response here and would like to throw in my thoughts.

As I ML user of several years, I would be prepared to donate at any time, ie to stimulate the next iteration, be it new cameras or enhanced features.

A 100 euros is value for money if your passion or business is photography.




Please just sign up for a patreon page to pay the bills. Then let's grab you at least a 5mkiv or whatever your heart wishes to do the magic work. Community will support it.
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I agree. 100 euro is not a lot when you use it for professional purpose


Quote from: a1ex on September 03, 2020, 07:28:17 PM
In other words, you are effectively donating a 1300D to the project :)

It's 1300D per one supporter ;D , after 10 Years of awesome developments, Sorry, how many supporters have you made?


Yeah. If everybody threw in $100 then I'm sure that would be substantial. Even if it was in Bitcoin
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Short follow-up before splitting the topic.

Given the reverse engineering nature of the ML project, opening an individual Patreon account individually is not the best idea. Besides, I like to think that ML is no longer a one-man show, so any fundraising efforts should consider the entire team. However, to be able to accept money as a group, we need some kind of legal backing, and the path of least resistance in this direction is to apply for fiscal hosting / fiscal sponsorship.

Quote from: a1ex on July 20, 2019, 06:47:45 PM
Long answer: to accept money as a group, we would need some kind of organization (such as a non-profit). Setting up one is non-trivial, i.e. too much of an overhead for a hobby project, given that we are all from different countries (mostly EU, but also US and AU). The bitcoins are just a workaround, and so is g3gg0's signature.

Back in April, I've considered a Patreon page, but since then I've changed my mind. There are many reasons against opening one, some discussed in the linked thread, others not (can't really articulate why; it just feels wrong).

I am, however, exploring the idea of fiscal hosting (for the entire team, not just for individual developers).

Quote from: Walter Schulz on October 14, 2019, 05:07:25 PM
This is just "testing the water" and as such I think message and response came through and there is enough data for a1ex to come closer to a decision.

Decision made, thanks everyone for the initial feedback!

Next step: Applying for fiscal hosting.

Stay tuned!


My wallet is on standby too.From China.        A lot of people.
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I'm always up for supporting a good project