Upgrading from ancient version pre0.2.2

Started by Chrid, September 29, 2019, 09:23:49 PM

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Hi everyone,

I was cleaning out my closet and found my old 550D with magic lantern pre0.2.2 on it. I know it's an old cam but it has only been used about 5 times since I bought back in I think 2011. Trying to breath some new life into it I would like to upgrade ML to the latest 2018 nightly I noticed the file structure on the SD card has changed. The pre0.2.2 version did not have an ML folder. It has the autoexec.bin and a lot of other files in the root, next to that a few folders (cropmks, doc, some others and of course DCIM). I think the change that has been made to the camera's firmware starts up the autoexec.bin file that is in the root. Does that mean I can simply update to the latest nightly by removing all files from the SD card and copying the ML folder, autoexec.bin (and ML-SETUP.FIR) to the card? Or do I need another approach?

Walter Schulz

Backup those files first. Then proceed as you described.