Shooting birds and moon in 1200mm raw video 5D Mark III

Started by wmjhid, September 17, 2019, 01:59:47 PM

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Thanks to MagicLantern ,I turn Canon L 100-400mm USM II into 1200mm.
All clips except the last one are shot on Canon L 100-400mm USM II len.


I'm deeply in awe and this is all fascinating work @wmjhid!

Mind sharing your post workflow? :)
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Thank you and MagicLantern team.
My workflow is as below:
300% crop (1200mm part)
RAW Video +FPS Override @24fps optimized for "Actual FPS" (IF Skip this step,video will become choppy, not smooth .I don`t know why,but I found MagicLantern will record raw video @ 29.976fps if I skip this step.)
->24 fps raw video is smooth.
->30 fps raw video is choppy.No matter 1x(No cropped) or 3x cropped video.
I don`t know why?
press "Magnify glass" to X5 ,the screen will become colorless and noisy.

Shooting stars part:
I set FPS Override to 0.54fps optimized for "LOW LIGHT".
Finetune shutterspeed to 1.8"
F1.2  ISO 800 Shoot RAW Video.

POST Production:
1)I use MLVApp which is the best MLV post production software in my opinion.
a)Push Clarity and Sharpness to the most right.
b)Adjust Dark/Light Strength and Dark/Light range to get most Histogram area.
Be careful overExpo and underExpo.
c)Apply LUTs/Filter you like.I choose "Fuji".
d)export clips to xxx.mp4.

2)Throw these clips(xxx.mp4) to Premiere Pro.
a)Use Lumetri to get best dynamic range
b)Finetune saturation/curve.
c)export to final xxxx.mp4.

That`s it!

Best Regards



Some scenes are very impressive! The telephoto L series from Canon is great, very sharp.

a)Push Clarity and Sharpness to the most right.

Be careful with the sharpness slider. Some scenes are oversharpened (ringing/halo effect). Increasing too much you will also increase the noise. For the moon shots I export from MLVApp without sharpness and then on Premiere you can denoise and sharp (I use NeatVideo and DigitalAnarchy Samurai).
For photos, try deconvolution (can be found on rawtherapee or DSS). Deconvolution is the best way of sharpening a image so far.


Dear Luther:
Thank you very much for your advice.
The complete footage of the last scene (stars falling down) is shot in canon 85mm F1.2  len.
I use "curve function" to form a S-shape which can make the clip look cleaner.

Best Regard!