B4 Mount TV Lens Test RAW | Canon EOS M + Canon J16aX8B B4 Lens

Started by ZEEK, September 20, 2019, 12:47:02 PM

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Shot with the Canon EOS M ML RAW + Canon J16aX8B B4 Lens.

Really like these B4 TV Lenses, although not a lens for every situation. This is a Late SD Model before Canon Transition to ENG top of the line B4 Lenses I believe.

Sample Footage @1:58

Canon EOS M
MCM Rewire 1080 [1736x976]
x3 Crop (No Aliasing)
30fps (Placed in a 23.976 Timeline)
ISO 100
MLV APP 1.9: BMDFilm | Debayer Algorithm: AMAZE | Interpolation: Bicubic Spline



Hi ZEEK, nice video. How are you processing these MLVs? I noticed some FPN (fixed pattern noise) in some scenes. Also, some clipped highlights that you could fix with highlight reconstruction (from MLVApp) and a rolloff using curves...
About the lens, it's soft and has chromatic aberrations, but I like it. It gives a "TV look" to the image. Isn't that too heavy though? If you want to try old lenses, highly recommend you try Takumar 50mm f/1.4. This lens is great, might be a good one to test together with the viltrox speedbooster.


Hey Luther.
I Installed the new MLV APP and forgot to load the mapping files to eliminate the focus pixels. 3x3 chroma smooth didn't remove them completely and I realised that after exporting all the files. Yes, I have used Takumars and all that stuff. I am not going for a cinematic look here. I am just testing a tv lens and aiming for a tv look with this old tv lens. It's an SD B4 lens not ENG top of the line tv lens so you will have some flaws. Nevertheless, it's just a test. The whole setup wasn't heavy at all and felt great and I don't see much chromatic aberration thanks to x3 crop mode. Thanks! :)