Need help finding my next film-like camera

Started by naps2saps, September 12, 2019, 05:09:21 AM

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I'm looking to upgrade my T3i so I can take advantage of some RAW video action and gain continuous AF.
Problem is I'm finding it hard to determine what features are available for more recent cameras so I'm hoping someone familiar can help me out.

From what I can tell it appears the EOS M is the top player as far as being affordable at $150.  I'm just not a fan of the size and battery life and the fact I need a lens adapter and the auto focus sensor is apparently right next to the lens mount so my accessories will block it and make AF slow.  I don't want to spend any more than $600-$700 and want to be able to do at least raw 1080/24.  1080/60 compressed would be nice as well.

Is there anything that fits?

Walter Schulz

Quote from: naps2saps on September 12, 2019, 05:09:21 AM
and the auto focus sensor is apparently right next to the lens mount

The "AF-assist beam" will not be used in movie mode. See page 132.
Continuous AF and M, well ... May some M users have a word here ...


I would get the EOS M with a battery adapter and mount cheap Sony NPF-Batteries. They last me for 6 to 9 hours on one battery.

There is NO MagicLantern RAW video camera that can do decent AutoFocus continuously though. Everyone is out of luck on that one. I recommend getting a gimbal with follow focus! It's been working wonders for me:
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Walter Schulz

7D: Dual Digic IV, doesn't support Dual-ISO movie, HDR movie, FPS ramping, Gradual expo. No lossless compression and other experimental MLV/RAW movie stuff with Digic V.


70D has dual pixel autofocus and can shoot raw video, I think its the only camera with Dual pixel af and raw capability in the lower end of the market, pricewise. But I dont think it shoots continues raw video at max resolution. You have to look really high up for af and raw, C500 mk ii, c700, the new sony fx7 and 9.

I would just learn to manually focus, its really not that hard. Get to know your lenses and it will be like sriving a car, you dont think about it.
once you go raw you never go back


As far as price/quality goes, EOS M with a 'speedbooster' seems to be the best option. It also has the advantage of being lightweight, so you can use cheap gimbals on it.