Author Topic: Gimbal recommendations needed for eos-m  (Read 2726 times)


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Gimbal recommendations needed for eos-m
« on: September 08, 2019, 08:17:08 PM »
I saw a few threads but in regards to larger dslrs with ML. Can anyone share their experience with gimals on the smaller eos-m (such as feiyutech or zhiyun)

I will probably need a max paypal of 2lbs since I'm using ef adaped lens which are quite heavier.


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Re: Gimbal recommendations needed for eos-m
« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2019, 08:24:40 AM »
I'm waiting for my Zhyiun Crane M2 to arrive. I think this one is very well suited for EOS M  :).
It will be my run'n'gun combo with EF-M 22mm and 11-22mm. Basically, with the recent builds from Danne it is now super easy to switch between 1x and 3x crop, so with a 22mm lens it makes for an awesome lowlight combo (22mm f2.0 and 66mm f2.0 in one lens), or with a 11-22mm you have a nice coverage of 11-22mm + 33-66mm. Not bad at all if you ask me  8). Plus those two lenses are exceptionally sharp, so even at 3x crop you are getting a superb IQ.

I was looking at Feyu G6 Plus before. Also a good one.
However if I had to choose a perfect one I would love for DJI to make something simmilar to Crane M2, as the movement fluidity is the best with DJI, or with the original AlexMos controller (ahh.. those old DIY days...  :) )


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Re: Gimbal recommendations needed for eos-m
« Reply #2 on: September 09, 2019, 11:59:17 AM »
I have some decent gimbal experience. I would recommend the Crane 2 for your EOS M. It's made for larger cameras, but you can't beat it's battery life and features. The LAB is good too, but you can find the Crane 2 for around $200 usd on ebay.

I agree with Jonit that the Crane M2 would be okay, but I'd still go with the Crane 2. There are two things that suck when using a gimbal and canon/magic lantern:

1. There is no autofocus. You will need a follow focus system. Luckily you can buy the Crane 2 with a follow focus system and you'll be set. Trust me it's pretty annoying to try to focus using your hands on a gimbal. Especially when on longer focal length lenses

2. Swapping batteries is a pain.. Especially for the EOS M (875mAh per battery). I would probably a battery port and connect a beefier battery to the gimbal. Something that looks like this:

Here is a picture of my setup. I use the 5D mark II connected with Sony's amazingly cheap and beefy NPF batteries. This setup lasts me for 8+ hours on a shoot. I'd only have to swap SD cards because of large ML RAW files. This entire setup costs under $950 including camera and lens.

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