Non-bitcoin donations?

Started by leandroprz, July 08, 2019, 06:51:28 PM

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I want to donate some money but I noticed there's only a bitcoin option in the donation page.

Is there a way to donate using PayPal?


I really want to give you guys some money.


Thanks - the short answer is that, for now, you may look up g3gg0's signature (he's using this money to pay for hosting).

Long answer: to accept money as a group, we would need some kind of organization (such as a non-profit). Setting up one is non-trivial, i.e. too much of an overhead for a hobby project, given that we are all from different countries (mostly EU, but also US and AU). The bitcoins are just a workaround, and so is g3gg0's signature.

Back in April, I've considered a Patreon page, but since then I've changed my mind. There are many reasons against opening one, some discussed in the linked thread, others not (can't really articulate why; it just feels wrong).

I am, however, exploring the idea of fiscal hosting (for the entire team, not just for individual developers).

Sorry for the delayed reply, I'm currently taking a break from development. I'm still watching the forum for emergencies (i.e. bricked cameras), but most of the other topics have low priority for me (for now).


Great, thank you for replying a1ex.

I'll send the money to g3gg0's PayPal.

Thank you so much for your hard work!