5D MK3 14bit lossless: election campaign films

Started by squig, June 02, 2019, 04:56:58 AM

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I just did a few jobs for independent candidates running for parliament. Besides some gopro adventure footage at the beginning of the first film, it's all 5D MK3 14bit lossless. 99% shot with an old Leica 35mm summicron-r, a few shots with the 90mm summicron and 135mm elmarit-r. Almost all of it shot from the shoulder. Also used a B+W Käsemann polariser and a cheap Hoya ND. Cut and graded in Resolve 16 with filmconvert and http://www.colorghear.com/ , upscaled to UHD. Over 11 days of shooting over 2 terabytes, Magic Lantern crashed once, no files lost.





These guys hired someone that shoots with ML... I'd vote for them anyday!

No but seriously you made these people look like gods. Good job! nice shots.
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