Author Topic: [50D] GlobalDraw drawing 16:9 letterbox when shooting RAW video in 3:2  (Read 216 times)


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I have the latest build (7/3/18). I'd like to be able to see the entire 3:2 frame when shooting RAW. I'm shooting at 1584x1046, but in LiveView I can only see a 16:9 area, with letterboxes at the top and bottom. This does not happen if I disable GlobalDraw. It also doesn't happen if I disable the 50D movie recording hack. The final files are fine, and have the entire frame included. I believe this is because the native movie mode crops to 16:9, and ML devs added a letterbox to GlobalDraw when the ML movie mode hack is enabled, because LiveView doesn't actually have one. However, this should be disabled when RAW shooting is enabled because it adds its own frame guide.

Movie Recording disabled:

Movie Recording enabled: