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I grew up in Dallas and now live north of Austin in a little town called Leander.  I'm a programmer by profession.  I play a bit of music.

I do mostly natural light still photography.  Here are some samples of my photography.

My photography sorta goes in spirts.  The last several years I have not done much but I'm trying to get back into it.  I need to get up off my a#$ and do something.  I love surfing the web all day but it just isn't healthy.

So, I wanted to venture into video hoping that might motivate me some and thought ML might help me learn.  Plus, the idea of rooting your camera sounds like too much fun to pass up.

I bought a Canon 5D Mk III and I have successfully put Firmware 1.1.3 on it with ML as suggested.  Slowly going through the user guide(s).

If you want a long boring storey... keep reading.  In college (1977-1982 time frame), the campus computer center was selling off their old Regent 100 terminals and I bought one.  It was either 8080 based or 8085 based and it had a bug where if you held down the shift key as it was receiving escape sequences, the shift lock would go on and off and end up in the on state 50% of the time.  This was because the way to get into shift lock is by hitting shift and escape on the keyboard.  The bug was it didn't distinguish between locally produced escapes and escapes received remotely.

So I disassembled the EPROM.  I think there was a schematic on the inside.  Between the two, I figured out the code, figured out the way to fix it, burnt a new EPROM and fixed my terminal!

I've also debugged some of my early electronic projects with nothing but an LED -- which is part of the early history of ML it seems.  So I feel like I understand the massive amount of time that has been put into ML.  It would be fascinating to come up with a rough estimate of the number of hours that has been put into it.

I'm very curious about ML and tinkering with it.  Hopefully I can contribute some as well.