DIGIC 8 'PowerShot' development (M50, SX70, SX740)

Started by dfort, April 21, 2018, 04:20:27 PM

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I have M50 and I registered to write to Greg that he is almost my hero. If everything works out, I'll be ready to kiss your legs. You give some hope. Really looking forward to recording RAW-video on my M50.


Just writing to say thanks for all the efforts!
Really cant wait to try it!



I didnt understand correct procedure to install ML in M50.

I've M50 1.0.2, i format sd card from camera, i make it bootable with eoscard and i upgrade my firmaware with several FIR files ( dump_m50, boot_m50 etc ) and i copy fishy ML and autoexec.
upgrade and Remove battery, but nothing...no ML menu.

I need only silent mode on  M, TV, AV mode and focus stacking function.
I saw that someone use digic6 branch, but where i can find files ( ML and autoexec ) ?



Yow guys
Thank u soo much ... i can't thank u enough
Oooh man i have been waiting for this moment for a while
Can't wait to try it


I have a spare M50 (waiting for a replacement motherboard for it) to test with, also what repo is being worked with currently with these changes (I'm a DevOps engineer moving away from IT into film so I can code some). I saw digic6-dumper was the codebase being used, is that still the case? I'd love to dive in and contribute to this effort. I've been largely lurking. Knowing the capabilities of this camera gets me going, having a second M50 I can spare (I have other cameras to replace if this one goes kaput as my B cam).


We have something for 1.0.3?
Can't wait!!!!  :o :o :o :o :o
just want focus stacking, as all other features too! LOL


me too i got the latest version and i dont know what to do !!
could u guys help us please


Finally   :)
A build that's showing progress. I can not wait until I get to try this out.

For the meantime if you don't have the dev build for M50, I'd just be patient and wait for the contributors to work their magic. I really wish that I could help speed things up but I can't speak/read/write C. Only if this was WebScript language :) but until then, I'm not going to bother anyone until there's a broken link to download this FW :D good job devs, keep up the great work


Also joined this forum to wish luck to Greg and the rest of the contributors. Do chime in if there's any way for us to support your effort.

An M50 with a clean HDMI and AutoFocus would be amazing for streaming.

All the Best!



I've been using ML for years on my t5i so I'm a big fan of y'alls' work, and I just bought an M50. I'm a Junior in computer engineering at UCSC so I know C and Assembly (at least in an academic setting... I don't know anything about how ML/canon's firmware is written) and I'd love to help out in any way I can :)


How is going the development?
Does exist any patreon account to donate to the dev?


I'm going to be the guy to ruin the party here. If ML comes to M50 at 4k I will easily pay $150 for it by selling my eos m. OMG please let this work, so tired of using technicolor.


Unless I'm mistaken, ML hasn't come to a Canon camera made after 2013. What odds that it will come to one made in 2018? It'd require significant interest from the community (perhaps that exists), a significant time investment from those who have developed ML for other cameras, and a lengthy Beta testing period.

Since the camera market has begun to include affordable small cameras, some of which can shoot RAW (i.e. Sigma FP), I can't see ML on the M50 happening.


plucas. sigma is still 16 times the price of canon M.100 EUR vs 1600EUR.
With M50 im curious whats the maximum card reader writing speed on it and if it could do lossless full resolution raw in 24fps in theory.
Also it might have that nice vintage look when shooting RAW which isnt that present on 5DII that i have.I guess its digic 4 vs 5 thing.


The M50 ML possibility would be crazy enough to give the new EOS R Series a run for their money considering its current price point, 14 bit, 120fps, a good amount of Dynamic Range etc... Sheesh...


I have M50 with 1.0.3 firmware. I'd love to test newest ML and help with development. I'm proficient in Python if it's helpful in any way.


I suspect it wont be able to record much higher than M , its 4k mode is cropped crippled probably cause of writing speeds.I hope im wrong tho.


Hell yeah @Greg and I am with you on this boat. Keep up the great work!
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Quote from: 2blackbar on June 26, 2020, 09:44:11 PM
I suspect it wont be able to record much higher than M , its 4k mode is cropped crippled probably cause of writing speeds.I hope im wrong tho.

I think it's possible to get 4k without a crop on the M50. I mean, the fact that it can utilize the full sensor for 1080p means that all the pixels of the sensor are being read and downsampled into 2k, right? Unless there is some sort of computational binning or line skipping happening in the sensor, which I highly doubt, I've only ever heard of it happening outside the sensor. It's definitely not limited by the bandwidth of the card interface, because uncropped 4k should have the same bandwidth as cropped 4k, which it can handle well. I have no idea why there is so much rolling shutter in 4k mode. It must be something to do with the DSP, and not the sensor, because this doesn't happen in 2k mode. I hope I'm not mistaken, because this camera could really have some great potential. And good luck to the ML devs and other contributors!  :)

Some further debate on this topic:


Quote from: Walter Schulz on May 08, 2020, 04:34:43 PM
Including this one? https://builds.magiclantern.fm/5D3-113.html -> Installation -> Installation -> Method B

this method work for canon m50
I downgraded from 1.0.3 to 1.0.2

before this method, I rename file `CCF19103.FIR to CCF19104.FIR` and after that I did on method B


Where can I get the ML for M50 1.0.2?
Just to calm my nerves.


Walter Schulz

ATM you won't accelerate development by donating money.