Just got a 500D...

Started by a1ex, August 24, 2012, 01:00:13 PM

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... for researching how to brick and unbrick it.

Before killing it completely (which could happen if the unbricking research fails), I think it's a good idea to fix some 500D quirks first.

What I've noticed at first sight:
- Focus limit warnings when autofocusing in LiveView (minor).
- Canon tells you to use the * button to focus (minor, should be easy to hide).
- ML bottom bar may draw over Canon bottom bar (this bug was in 5D2 too, but it's fixed in 2.3).

Other known ML bugs or missing features in 500D:
- HDR video not working (it was working for a few frames when holding AF button).
- Scrollwheel not working in ML menu in movie mode.
- Stability test fails in some tricky situations (like focusing back and forth quickly while running the test).
- Some small FPS override quirks (didn't try this).
- No focus confirmation in LiveView.

Reported, but could not reproduce:
- ISO reverts from 160 to 200 in photo mode.

Other quirks noticed?


audio.c needs finished ;) headphone looping never worked.

i'm glad the 500d will get some polishing! :D


Im glad 500d is finally in your hands Alex. I hope 24fps in 1080p is still possible.. Praying all night for it... :D

Gold Jok3

24fps in 1080p is all I need
please, I can't record nothing at 20fps.


Hi a1ex and fellow ML magicians, this is my first post here. :)

It's great news to me that you now have a 500D at your disposal. I've been meaning to register on here to say that I'd be glad to do some testing on my 500D, but definitely not stuff designed to brick it. :D

2.3 fixed a lot of usability issues for me, although there is still the occasional scary "black screen of death" when turning off the camera after shooting, when the LCD goes black but the backlight stays lit. These are pretty rare but they still frighten me, because what if they happen when I'm in a hurry and don't look at the LCD after switching off, and put my camera away while it's in a deadlock? :O

I was very relieved when I found out ML is open source, I might be able to contribute some changes of my own once I get myself familiarized with the ML code (free time permitting).


Another fellow 500D owner. Would be very keen to see continued development of ML for the 500D.

As deadmind mentioned, I will try to get my mind around ML too and see if I can help contribute where I can.


Cool - so there is hope for owners of a 500D like me :)


I would also love some fine-tuning for the 500D, it's been my trusty camera since day 1.

What you mentioned about the FPS override quirk, I tried to record on 24fps with my 500D but when loaded into Premiere or After Effects it still said 30fps so I'm not sure if it actually works...


Thank you Alex, nice to see 500D getting some extra support  :)


Hello! I am new at ML forum, but I wanted to say that 500d developing and bringing dream fps and gorgeous headphone monitoring would be surreally great. I understand that 550d and 600d are better but not everyone has that much money and easy access to equipment. I dunno much about programming, but, if I learned VB and some linux commend myself, I could study some programming over here. Just giving a tip - 500d dev further would be awesome!